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Absorbent Quick-Drying Ponchos : Packable Towel Poncho

The Matador x Volcom Packable Towel Poncho is a multifunctional accessory for avid athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike that will provide them with a way to stay agile and comfortable. The collaboration poncho is constructed using an ultra-lightweight nanofiber that will give it a soft feel against the skin, while also working to absorbed up to 2.3-times its own weight in water. This makes it highly applicable for those who spend extended periods by the water to offer them a way to try off, stay warm and even as a garment to change from a wetsuit.

The Matador x Volcom Packable Towel Poncho features a zippered pouch that is perfect for stashing small essentials, but also acts as storage solution for the whole poncho by allowing it to be tucked inside.

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