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All-Ages Style Campaigns : merch campaign

IKEA Singapore recently launched its first line of merchandise, EFTERTRĂ„DA, and with it an attention-grabbing merch campaign.

The line includes everything from t-shirts and sweatpants to hoodies that feature the brand’s logo and the barcode that corresponds with the best-selling BILLY bookcase. To share the merch with the world, IKEA Singapore worked with a cast of senior models over the age of 70 to show off the streetwear and accessories designs, underlined with the message “style for all.” Captured by photographers Jang and Kev, the merch campaign is set in various spots throughout Chinatown.

With more people investing in comfortable, stay-at-home loungewear styles, brands across all industries are creating their own branded merch lines that are both functional and fun-spirited.

Image Credit: IKEA Singapore

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