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Artisanal Spring/Summer Apparel : UNIQLO and JW Anderson’s

UNIQLO and JW Anderson’s Spring/Summer collection is created with hope for new beginnings and brighter days. The pair will release their collaboration on April 22nd, 2021, which is also Earth Day. The new lineup includes 13 items for women, 11 items for men, and three additional home goods items. The collection embodies springtime ease with wildflower embroidery accents on T-shirts, blouses, hats, and tote bags. In addition, the whimsical blanket stitching is visible on the men’s t-shirts and work shirts, women’s denim items, and on dresses and skirts.

With artisanal craftsmanship inspiration, the UNIQLO and JW Anderson’s collection features a “playful sense of ease…through every piece,” creating a timeless, hopeful aesthetic. “I was really thinking of spring when I was working on this collection,” designer Johnathon Anderson said in a press release. “We were all staying inside, and I was looking forward to when we could venture out again. I also wanted to incorporate a feeling of craft, as it’s very important to me.”

Image Credit: UNIQLO

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