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Cannabis Collab Clothing Collections : weedmaps collaboration

Rap superstar Wiz Khalifa and streetwear brand Diamond Clothing Co. joined in the cannabis-themed Weedmaps collaboration promoting the new 4/20 clothing collection. The collection draws influence from cannabis iconography and plays on brand recognition to bring together the rap and cannabis industries through a variety of cool clothes and accessories. From crewneck sweaters to unicolor snapbacks, the collection is sure to appeal to cannabis consumers and rap fans alike.

The clothing will be available for purchase starting on April 20th–4/20–on the Diamond Clothing Co. website. The proceeds from the Weedmaps collaboration will go to The Last Prisoner Project, a charity that focuses on reforming criminal justice and drug policy in America. The charity hopes to free those convicted of cannabis offenses during the War on Drugs.

Image Credit: Diamond Supply Co., Taylor Gang

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