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Carbon Capture Clothing : Carbon Capture Clothing

At Paris Fashion Week, DS Automobiles revealed a four-piece capsule collection of carbon capture clothing with photosynthetic algae appliques. With a coating of living algae, pieces like bomber jackets, trench coats and a pair of t-shirts take carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into oxygen. The designs apply the same photosynthesis process as plants and the unisex garments incorporate bold messages like “Lead the Charge.”

The algae layer, created by London research studio Post Carbon Lab, uses just a few simple, all-natural ingredients: plant- and yeast-derived nutrients, as well as minerals and water.

Like houseplants, the garments need daily misting and regular sun exposure to keep the algae healthy and alive. This new generation of living, breathing clothing has the potential to support better investments in both garment and environmental care.

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