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Casual Minimalist Sportswear : nike Every Stitch Considered

The Spring additions to the Nike Every Stitch Considered range were developed based on decades of research about bodies in motion and the designs fuse practicality and function with old-world Italian craftsmanship. Unlike many athletic designs that are tight and form-fitting, these casual, minimalist styles embrace a mix of tailored silhouettes and relaxed fits with everything from sweaters and dresses to cardigans and collared shirts.

The simple yet fashion-forward designs from Nike’s Every Stitch Considered collection also set themselves apart with a timeless color palette that plays with white, black, tan and gray in place of the loud neon colors that are often included as accents on eye-catching sportswear designs.

These Spring fashion products represent parts of the Nike Design Exploration, which is an exploration of “game-changing apparel and footwear.”

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