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Ceramic-Embedded T-Shirts : Ceramic T Shirt

Vollebak’s Ceramic T Shirt is embedded with more than 100,000 ceramic particles so that it’s highly abrasion resistant and durable yet totally smooth and soft to the touch. Thanks to its ceramic coating, the shirt is touted as the toughest of its kind and it offers the lightweight, breathable, wicking and elastic features of a piece of high-performance gear.

By working with tessellating ceramic particles normally found in jet engines and missile nose cones, Vollebak created the perfect technical sports t-shirt. Since each particle is thinner than a strand of human hair, the material lends its strength and durability to the design without adding noticeable weight. As the brand describes, “the idea of these t-shirts is to give yourself the highest chance of keeping your skin attached to your body” during adventurous activities.

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