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Chic Small-Batch Moccasins : Easymocs

Easymocs moccasins are a premium range of high-quality footwear styles focused on laid-back fashion and dependable comfort that are perfectly crafted for everyday wear. The shoes feature a slip-on style that is hand-sewn by authentic moccasin artisans in small batches in order to pay attention to the fine details across the various points of the footwear. The shoes are made in a small workshop in Maine using premium materials including suede sourced in North America along with leather laces to boot, and stitches and glue also all made in the US.

The Easymocs moccasins have a laid-back style, but are well-suited to the lifestyle of wearers who spend most of their time at home or out of the house. This is thanks to a comfort-focused Ortholite footbed and Vibram camp sole.

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