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Co-Branded Gamer Flip-Flops : Havaianas and Fortnite

Havaianas and Fortnite teamed up to create flip-flops with prints inspired by some of the most fun elements of the game like the Battle Bus and the Unicorn Llama Pickaxe. Speaking to fans, the summer footwear products offer a different way for Fortnite players to engage with the universe, both online and offline. To go along with the range, the Brazilian footwear brand is launching its own flip-flop-shaped island called Havaianas Summer Island within Fortnite. The product page on the footwear brand’s website shares a code where users can access the virtual destination. As part of this collaboration, fans will also have access to virtual products.

From sportswear brands to luxury labels, key players in the fashion industry are entering gaming and e-sports collaborations to reach millions of players worldwide.

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