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Eco-Friendly Slip-On Shoes : Astorflex Kamuflex

The Astorflex Kamuflex Slip-On Shoes are an eco-friendly footwear style created with an attention to materials and comfort to offer wearers a balance of function and form. The shoes are handmade in Italy with dyed suede that is intended to age with beauty, while the 100% natural rubber crepe sole will offer enhanced comfort and durability with daily wear. The footbed within the shoes is crafted with vegetable-tanned calfskin for added comfort and durability.

The Astorflex Kamuflex Slip-On Shoes come in a choice of tan and gray color options, and are part of the increased demand for eco-friendly fashion products. This comes as consumers become more aware of the environmental effects fashion can have and search out more sustainable yet stylish alternatives.

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