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Fruit-Based Vegan Sneakers : mel sneaker

Sylven New York launched the Mel sneaker on Earth Day as the first vegan sneaker made from apples and coconut. Handcrafted in Italy from apple leather that makes the most of apple waste, coconut husks and renewable rubber made from tree sap, the plant-based sneakers offer a refreshing take on traditional sneaker silhouettes with sustainable materials. The sneakers are available in two styles: white with red accents and black with natural stitching.

To emphasize the fact that the sneakers are made using natural and edible materials, the brand collaborated with Chrissy Tracey—Bon Appétit’s first vegan chef—to create a custom vegan apple and coconut cobbler recipe. Casey Dworkin, Sylven New York Founder and Creative Director, says “We love to play with materials that sound like they could be ingredients. It was such a natural fit to work with someone like Chrissy to play even further into the apple and coconut combo.”

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