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Futuristic High-Contrast Sunglasses : odyssey collection

The Oakley Odyssey Collection features a set of seven sunglasses that enhance eyesight using advanced lens technology. The Prizm lens system allows users to see more by introducing a high-contrast lens filter that amplifies color and detail. The futuristic-looking collection’s sunglasses include Oakley’s trademark impact protection technology which allows the shades to perform in tough environments without worrying about lens damage.

The Oakley Odyssey Collection features iconic, zany colors that are sure to catch the eye during everyday use. This heavy use pattern is facilitated by the lightweight O Matter frame and secure fit that keeps the sunglasses comfortable throughout the day. The collection consists of seven pairs of sporty sunglasses spread over three distinct styles: Colorshift Splatter, Holographic, and Poseidon. They come in two fits, standard and Asia, and some are available for prescription usage.

Image Credit: Oakley

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