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High-Quality Leather Lace-Up Boots : Lace-Up Boots

The Denver Hayes Women’s Laura Lace-Up Boots were designed to protect your feet and shins from any temperature. Crafted with a faux sherpa lining, the fashion-forward boot merges form and function with its stylish aesthetic. The high-quality footwear option also features a rib-knit collar that feels soft and comfortable around your calves.

In addition, the Denver Hayes Women’s Laura Lace-Up Boots features deep lugs on the outsole, improving traction on surfaces and making them a great option for hikes or walks. With a lace front design and full-length inside zipper, the boots are easy to take on and off. Moreover, the spacious design allows wearers to add orthotic pads for additional comfort.

The Denver Hayes Women’s Laura Lace-Up Boots are available to purchase online and in stores.

Image Credit: Denver Hayes

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