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Inclement Weather-Ready Outerwear : Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket

The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket is positioned as one of the most protective garment styles out there with a construction that will easily withstand almost anything that gets thrown at it. Featuring a seam-sealed construction, the jacket is waterproof, windproof and snow-proof to make it well-suited to the needs of explorers, adventurers or hunters alike. This is achieved with a nylon shell, which is further enhanced with a breathable membrane on the interior to ensure wearers don’t overheat or feel stuffy.

The Filson 3-Layer Field Jacket has an adjustable hood along with ventilating armpit zippers, adjustable cuffs and a range of pockets throughout to easily accommodate all of the wearer’s essential gear. This positions the jacket as perfect for a wide range of wearers who require a dependable way to stay protected in demanding outdoor environments.

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