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Made To Be Remade Ultraboost

All styles of footwear are associated with their essential but oftentimes wasteful construction that is destined for the landfill after use, so the Adidas Made To Be Remade Ultraboost is intended to help change this. The sneakers are constructed with a series of TPU-based materials that were previously used to help highlight an upcycled design. The sneakers don’t have any glues or dyes in the construction to help make them more suited for recycling after use.

The Adidas Made To Be Remade Ultraboost sneakers are suited for recycling once no longer wearable or functional, but still maintain a comfort-focused construction. This includes a sock-like Primeknit upper section along with a Boost midsole that is as plush as can be. The sneakers are arriving just in time for Earth Day 2021 at a price point of $180.

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