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Mushroom-Based Shoe Materials : Stan Smith Sneakers

adidas unveils a new vegan version of the Stan Smith Sneakers called ‘Stan Smith Mylo.’ Made with a mushroom-based material, adidas recreates one of its shoe icons with underground mushroom roots to make an innovative leather alternative material. The material is made from renewable mycelium which has a highly efficient grow time of two weeks. The cutting-edge agricultural process is not only time-efficient but is also space-efficient.

adidas partnered with Bolt Threads as part of the popular shoe brand’s commitment to sustainability and an eco-friendly future. On the Mylo shoe, Adidas uses the mycelium material for its outer perforated 3 stripes, the help tab overlay, and the company’s premium branding. The footwear innovation illustrates the innovative potential that mycelium has as an up-and-coming sustainable and leather alternative material.

Photo Credits: designboom, news.adidas

Image Credit: Designboom

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