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Nature-Inspired Hybrid Sneakers : Canyon Sandal

Nike is preparing for the summer with the release of its Canyon Sandal, a sporty silhouette that’s said to take design cues from the sportswear giant’s popular ACG model.

The Canyon Sandal features a supportive sole that includes a black grippy outsole and a black-speckled midsole that offers plenty of cushion, providing comfortable all-day wear. The Cargo Khaki/Bright Citron colorway includes thick olive green straps that securely hold the feet in place, which can also be adjusted with the black buckles for a customized fit. Another yellow strap is included on the backs of the heels, which can be tightened or loosened as well.

With their supportive and durable construction, the Canyon Sandals are well-suited to city streets, trails, and more.

Image Credit: Nike

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