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Painted Toe Quirky Shoes : fivefinger shoe

Midorikawa works in collaboration with Suicoke on a unique design spotlighting the Vibram FiveFingers shoe model. Taking on an avant-garde language, the shoe references the look of an actual foot, with the help of the natural look of the FiveFingers model.

Boasting the separated toe design brings a sense of eerie discomfort to how close it is to resemble a real foot. To further enhance this, the brands join forces by adding painted toenails to the silhouette. The red nail polish joins the look detailing three different colorways. These include ivory, snow, and mocha, for a full range of uniquely uncomfortable aesthetics. The design is most notable on the beige hue, which fits the foot like a glove and has an uncanny resemblance.

Image Credit: Mitsuo Okamoto

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