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Pancake Stack Slippers : the Pro Loungers

Popular breakfast destination, Denny’s, is expanding its typical food offerings with the launch of a lounge-ready, comfy pair of Pancake Stack slippers, titled the Pro Loungers, on StockX. The platform is a beloved online marketplace for Gen Z and millennial consumers, a destination where many in the sneaker community flock to find their next pair of footwear.

The P3000 Loungers are part of a 20-pair limited-edition run – each pair is designed by Denny’s and personally handmade by Janelle Marie of Seams Come True, a local artisan Denny’s handpicked to collaborate with on this project. Only one pair will be for sale on StockX, with proceeds to be donated to charity, and the rest of the limited edition run will be given away through giveaways on Twitter from the brand’s account (@DennysDiner) on April 20.

Image Credit: Denny’s

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