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Post-Pandemic Lifestyle Editorials : post-pandemic lifestyle

Many are still speculating what the post-pandemic lifestyle might look like. Given the rate at which the situation changes, it is hard to imagine what will happen when COVID-19 is no longer a major global problem. Highsnobiety explores this in a recent editorial on FRONTPAGE—this is the website’s weekly online cover story that offers commentary on moments and shifts that influence our culture.

Titled ‘Home Essentials: Imagining the Post-Pandemic Interior,’ the post-pandemic lifestyle editorial features photography by David Brandon Geeting and thoughts by Philip Maughan. According to them, “COVID-19 has accelerated the next urban transformation, bringing new strange things into our abodes that didn’t use to be there, and inventing things that didn’t exist at all.”

Image Credit: Highsnobiety/ David Brandon Geeting

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