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Reimagined Plant-Based Sneakers : Nano X1 Vegan

Based on the popular Nano X1 style, Reebok created a plant-based version of the training shoe called the Nano X1 Vegan. The sneaker boasts a composition of 40% bio-based materials and it’s designed to be used for everything from running and walking to lifting weights.

The sustainable Reebok sneaker includes a cotton and wood spun yarn upper, a midsole made with materials like castor bean oil and EVA foam, plus a rubber outsole.

In recent months, many sneaker brands have been reimagining some of their most popular footwear styles with a portion of plant-powered materials, or entirely plant-based components, to show off innovative material use and reduce waste where possible. Tal Short, senior product manager at Reebok, says “We have a responsibility not just to design and create with our consumers in mind, but also planet Earth.”

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