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Shoe-Recycling Vending Machines : Plastic Bottles Into Sneakers

adidas and creative agency Mojo Supermarket joined forces to create a campaign that lets environmentally conscious sneaker lovers turn plastic bottles into sneakers. The collaborators created a one-of-a-kind recycling vending machine that takes old plastic bottles as payment and in return offers discounts for the new Stan Smiths, which are partially made out of recycled bottles. The sustainable version of the sneaker brand’s iconic shoes are made with P-coated recycled polyester, so that they have the same look as ever, with a more environmentally friendly design.

After inserting an empty plastic bottle into the machine, the system confirms that the bottle is indeed recyclable before offering a voucher.

These vending machines are being introduced to the adidas Flagship New York store and the Flagship Paris store, with more anticipated to be introduced throughout the year.

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