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Signature Virtual Sneakers : CryptoKickers

NFT-based fashion brand CryptoKickers and NBA veteran Wilson Chandler signed a completely virtual shoe deal, making history for the future of digital assets and fashion alike. The brand focuses its efforts on creating “Footwear for the New World” and as Wilson Chandler says, “I think these guys are positioned to build a Nike-sized fashion business for virtual worlds.”

There are 21 pairs of Wilson Chandler 1s that have been newly released and each one-of-a-kind design is individually numbered. Priced starting at 0.021 ETH (~$44.07 USD), the virtual sneakers help to support the rainforest preservation nonprofit Cool Earth and Chandler will be donating all his proceeds to the Benton Harbor Community Development Corporation.

CryptoKickers is expanding its presence with retail stores in several virtual worlds, including CryptoVoxels and Sandbox.

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