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Sleek Refillable Spray Bottles : Refillable Spray Bottle

The nanoSprayer is a tiny refillable spray bottle that can be used as a hand sanitizer or cologne/perform bottle. Fill the device with the liquid of your choice (for example, perfume, cologne, or isopropyl alcohol) and bring it with you on the go.

Launched by Mordeco through Kickstarter, the nanoSprayer provides a convenient solution to carry your favorite fragrance or sanitizer with you. In addition, the portable and key-ring-friendly design allows you to keep the device on hand while traveling or commuting.

Another standout factor about the nanoSprayer is the open sprayer, cap-less design. The smooth and effortless opening mechanism allows you to open it with ease in a way that’s described as being “oddly satisfying.”

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