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Spring-Ready Retro Footwear : gel-mc plus

ASICS unveils a new selection of footwear in time for the Spring season, with a spotlight on the new GEL-MC PLUS sneaker model. The shoes are designed from the brand’s running archive with bold detailing, offered in a wide range of color options made for warmer temperatures.

The shoe gets a Lichen Green and Birch option for a natural earthy option. In terms of the construction, the shoe gets a GEL-CUMULUS 12 technology to bring forth the retro design into modern elements. The shoe was originally created by Shingeyuki Mitsui in 1995 and it is now reworked with a leather and mesh construction throughout the upper. The midsoles are updated to include the running shoe tooling as well.

Image Credit: Michael Kusumadjaja, Hypebeast

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