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Sustainable Denim Collaborations : recycled cotton jeans

H&M is teaming up with Lee to introduce a new generation of sustainable denim, including the retailer’s first-ever 100% recycled cotton jeans. As part of the collaboration, H&M is also sharing Life Cycle Assessment data online for the first time ever, so that consumers will be able to see the water, energy impact of each denim garment.

Lee x H&M boasts collections for women, men and kids, and it shares denim styles that are cotton-free, made from renewable man-made fibers, water-saving dyes and lower-impact washes. Alongside the 100% recycled cotton jeans (which are made with 80% post-industrial waste and 20% post-consumer waste) some of the standouts from the collection are the loose 90s-inspired jeans, denim corsets and overshirts for a fresh take on workwear styles.

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