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Sustainable Jelly-Like Sandals : rombaut and melissa

Rombaut and Melissa work in collaboration on a set of shoes that are made with an eco-conscious mindset. The sustainable craft pays close attention to the use or materials without sacrificing the style and retro look of the shoes. There are two genderless footwear models including the Possession sandals by Melissa, boasting a jelly-style and a melty iteration of the Rombaut Boccaccio sneaker.

They are detailed in monochromatic hues in a clear brown, green, and purple. The shoes are made from upcycled materials including PVC that has been recycled from factory waste and bio-based renewable carbon materials. Raquel Scherer at Melissa talks about the pack, “Rombaut is one of the most exciting brands in fashion right now and has a young, socially engaged community that embodies the freshness and creativity that Melissa stands for.”

Image Credit: Melissa

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