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Sustainably-Made Utilitarian Boots : sustainable wool felt footwear

The utilitarian VOYLOK boots are based on the authentic “Valenki” felt footwear and are as kind to our feet as they are to the environment. The brand took inspiration from the wool felt footwear design, originally made for Siberian frosts, to create a contemporary option that works across all seasons and weather.

VOYLOK boots are crafted from felted wool in a remarkably sustainable, renewable process. The boots are sculpted from raw wool rather than sewn and use no chemicals, dyes, bleach, or glue – just wool and hot water. The only by-products are wool scraps and muddy water, which can go straight into the garden. Plus, wool felt is naturally anti-bacterial and hygroscopic, so feet remain dry and odor-free.

The boots are a clever indoor/outdoor solution, combining two shoes in one. Take the removable waterproof overshoe off, and you have a delightfully warm and comfortable pair of indoor slippers. With VOYLOKs, less is truly more: no chemicals, fewer manufacturing steps, zero waste, less weight (half the weight of rubber boots), and a smaller shoe-rack due to VOYLOKs versatility. These contemporary shoes are a ‘high concept, low tech’ solution to today’s environmental, health, and over-consumption issues.

Image Credit: Andrey Petrov

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