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Technical Outdoor-Ready Ponchos : Down Poncho

The AETHER Down Poncho is an outdoor-ready garment that’s focused on technical capabilities to keep the wearer cozy, comfortable and protected from the elements. The poncho features a unisex design that has a durable matte woven shell that will withstand life on the campsite or when spending extended periods outdoors. The poncho has an 800-power goose down fill and can function effectively as a garment or a blanket, depending on the scenario.

The AETHER Down Poncho comes with its own storage bag to further enhance it’s travel-friendly design and is also perfect as a travel accessory that will be right at home on long-haul flights as a wearable blanket. The cozy nature of the poncho could also function effectively on a daily basis as an accessory for recovering after a long day on the couch.

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