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Top 40 Photography Trends in 2020

These 2020 photography trends range from artist-created magazine covers to ageless beauty portraits.

Standouts include 14 British Vogue August 2020 covers that were created in collaboration some of the UK’s most celebrated artists and creators. The theme of each cover is centered around the meaning of the word reset and the uncertainties that we are all facing during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Each cover also spotlights a local UK landscape that is near and dear to an artist’s heart.

Other notable examples include The September Issues’ ‘Gucci Beauty: 60+’ editorial. The image series features a cast of elderly models and aims to break stereotypes related to outdated beauty standards. The image series by Kelia Anne spotlights Gucci Beauty’s newest cosmetics range and showcases the brand’s divergent approach to fashion and beauty ideals.

Rounding off the list are self-shot model editorials and covers, highlighting the importance of social distancing safety measures.

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