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Waste-Reducing Suede Sneakers : MADE Responsibly 998

The MADE Responsibly 998 sneaker by New Balance shares one-of-a-kind designs that are made with surplus suede, body mesh, lining, laces, collar strip, trim and soles. Each and every pair is unique because it’s made with different materials, which is not only eco-friendly but appealing to sneaker collectors who want to own designs that are completely their own.

Mindfully made in New England, the sustainable sneakers feature new material only for the foam paddings, heel counter, and box toe components. Due to the nature of the sneaker designs, the MADE Responsibly 998 styles will only be available in limited quantities when they officially launch later this spring. Although some colorways have been released on the brand’s site, New Balance reminds that the unique color palettes will not match the photos shown.

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